My Tribes

I am officially inviting you to join my community of like-minded individuals. If there’s one thing I want to do, it’s to be with people who share my passions and goals. Together, we can achieve great things!

Who Am looking for?

Nobody in specific. Just someone dedicated, ready to be part of a community, learn and build a tribe. And with the students, be obsessed with information, ready to take action, and thrive to make a great team. if that is you and you think this works for you, register your interest today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Not to repeat myself, I believe the best way to go further and do more is by associating with people that want the same things that you want. So to achieve this, these groups are put together. Except for the Acquire Mastery Community, which is for people who want to learn and acquire skills, the other community is just for like-minded people that want to associate.

No payment, only contributions when needed. Together, we make a difference. But for the Acquire Mastery Community, there will be a fee charge.

Through emails, whatsapp platform and social media pages.

In the Acquire Mastery Community, you can learn skills such as Graphic design, Social media marketing, web design, blogging, affiliate marketing and many others.

Most of our meetings and training are going to be online. So there will be no boundaries as to who can join the community. 

Not at all. We will be having more outdoor programs. Like reading dates, book huntings, talk shows and others.

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