What Is AI and How to Use It to Grow Your Business

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We all have come to accept that Artificial Intelligence (AI) has come to stay. Whether for good or bad. But what is Artificial Intelligence? How can we use them to the advantage of our businesses? These and many others we will discover in this post.

AI (Artificial Intelligence) is a branch of computer science that focuses on creating machines and software capable of performing tasks that typically require human intelligence. In today’s business world, AI has become increasingly relevant and transformative.

If you are not using AI to help build your business, you are losing out and soon, you will be out of business. And it is even worse if you are in the digital industry and not making good use of AI. This is the new era (AI era) and there is nothing you can do about it other than go with the trend. I am happy you are reading this.

It means you can feel the wave and you want to catch up before it entirely blows out. Great!

I am sharing with you what and how you can use AI to your advantage whether you are a small or large, service or product-based business. I will implore you to ride with me on this journey as we discover all the knowledge together. Now let’s roll…


First things first, you can’t tell how useful a thing is if you do not understand. Now here it is; Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a field of computer knowledge that aims to create systems and software with the ability of simulating human intelligence. It encompasses various components such as Natural Language Processing (NLP) which involves enabling computers to understand, interpret, and generate human language, facilitating tasks like language translation and chatbots (such as ChatGPT). Basically, AI is like teaching computers to think and learn like humans do. And this is meant to help you and I get a lot done faster in a short period of time with the assistance of artificial Intelligence.

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Am very sure you catch the cruise of the positive effects AI can leave on your business. But let me make a few of them clearer for you.

The deal is, that AI has been trained to act and deliver faster on tasks that will take a longer time for a human being to do. Can you guess how long it took me to draft the sessions of this blog post? 3 nights and a day. But guess what? It would have taken artificial intelligence not more than 15 secs to get this same task done, and probably even do it better. Yes, 15 secs.

If I had used any AI to get the sessions structured, I would have had 3 nights and a day to invest in other important areas of my business. So you see?

To grow a business, we need to be paying attention to the 20% inputs that generate 80% results for our business (The 80-20 Rule aka Pareto Principle). Artificial intelligence makes this even easier and faster to achieve.

Did you realize how difficult it used to be when you tried to make a simple inquiry from any service-providing firm? How is the experience now?

You don’t have to call and wait for a long cue to be assigned a customer relations office, right? You can just log onto their website, chat with their chatbot, and get your query sorted. Very simple and time-efficient.

Now consider this same for your business. Imagine how efficient and satisfying it will be if your Instagram is fully automated to take care of your customers until it is important for you to come in. How relieving that would be…

Do you remember the last time you tried getting a caption for your post on social media? How long does that take you? Now try again but this time around, use ChatGPT. Access it here. But before then, stay with me. I have some tips to share with you.

I am trying to bring our attention to the fact that there is no way you can do without Artificial Intelligence in this time and age. Here are other reasons why;

  1. Quicker and highly effective brainstorming tool
  2. Easy automation of your business
  3. Time-saving to take care of other important tasks
  4. Help reduce the cost of high human efforts

Now let’s see how you can implement all these benefits in your business.


Till this point, I believe you understand what AI is and how it can benefit you personally and your business. But here is the question; Do you know how to implement AI in your business?

It is one thing to know and it is another to implement and see results which is very important. Knowing is not enough, taking action that brings results is what matters. Let’s get to the action mode.

Content generation: If you do any sort of content marketing for your business, you know how stressful it is to come up with content. With any text-generating AI, you can generate more than 200 ideas just by a question.

Here Is How; Go to any content-generating AI (we will be using ChatGPT), and make a query in relation to your business or topic you need content on. For instance, let’s say we want to generate topics to speak about on our YouTube channel where we share content on health and science. In that regard, we will be making searches like “Generate 15 tips on how to take care of the Male heart. Make it simple, very direct to the male body, and use current discoveries that most people do not know” See the result below.

The result has been Stopped. There you go. Within a minute, you have what you will be talking about in your next video. You can do the same for anything at all, even school assignments.

AUTOMATE YOUR BUSINESS: The rate at which customers move to the next business if you delay getting back is very high and you need to be very active not to lose out. But now you have a savior. AI!!!

With Artificial intelligence, you can schedule your business to respond to all queries on your business. Facebook, Instagram, email (newsletter), Website, and even your WhatsApp can now be automated until the sales are done. Let me show you a few processes.

On Facebook, log on to your Facebook business, and select your business page, on the top left, select automation, and go through the simple steps to set up automation that can handle any query for your business. Note; happily, this automation also works directly on Instagram (That is if your accounts are connected)

WhatsApp, yes there is automation on WhatsApp and it’s a lifesaver. This automation is on WhatsApp business only. Go onto settings in your WhatsApp business, business tools.

With the extended automation on WhatsApp, you need to create an API and connect. Check that here. But before then, let’s finish up.

GRAPHICS FOR YOUR BUSINESS: Now you can create your own designs for your business or generate an art photo of yourself with ease. No more fights with designers and no need to pay designers. But don’t be too happy. AI-generated designs are mostly not as compelling as those of human designers. Yes of course, maybe not yet.

Those are templates that will be edited and serve you as you instructed the AI. But still, they are great and can be used. Try it here and share your first design with me on my Instagram (hipolite_elly)

PROFESSIONAL WRITEUPS: Gone are the days when people paid copywriters to write business plans, proposals, blogs, newsletters, sales emails, and others for them. But now, with AI, you can easily write for yourself even if you are not good with words. Again, ChatGPT is good with that. Just be sure to instruct the tools to generate for you what you want.

AIs are, more of the garbage in, garbage out sort of approach. What you give the AI is what it gives you back.

Note; there are pros and cons to these Ais make sure you stick around to note all of them.

By the way, did you know when you have a Snapchat account, you have access to their AI? A very intelligent and interesting AI I use almost every day. You should check that out.

POTENTIAL CUSTOMER RESEARCH: This will be my final point on the importance of AI since there are a lot and I cannot mention all. If you are running a business and do not know why it is important to know who your customers are, then you might be wasting resources. Understanding your clientele should be something that you are looking into every day.

Doing customer research is draining and time-consuming, especially when you are starting from scratch without any information of a sort. There again Artificial Intelligence can help. How?

Go onto the Snapchat or ChatGPT platform and give them information on what you need. See example below…

“I am in the art industry. I draw portrait art of humans, historical areas, landscapes, and other art in this regard. I have a promotional sale coming up. Which people do you think I should reach and how do you think I can easily reach them? consider cost and approach”

Guess you are getting the drill. Now let’s finish up. Let’s talk about the challenges and considerations of AI.


Am sure you might have some dopamine thinking “Finally, I will not have to pay business managers to handle my business for me again, I can do it myself” Yes you can but hold on, not so fast.

There are a few things you need to know as to how to make these AIs deliver better results.

Training of the AIs: You will be able to get the best out of any artificial intelligence if you are able to train them to produce what you want. What do I mean? Artificial Intelligence is not human. They work only with what you feed them. And that means it will take a gradual process for this tool to know what you are about, what your brand voice and how you get your things done.

Solely depending on the AIs: Do you know the number of people who depend on artificial intelligence to get stuff done? The ChatGPT website was reported to have received an estimated 1.66 billion visits in the last month (This was in August 2023). So, you can imagine.

Imagine using ChatGPT to create a blog post for your website. You will definitely have the same content as someone who also depends on the same artificial Intelligence to write blogs. The site crawling power of Google will penalize you.

AI is supposed to be a helping hand, a stepping stone to getting started. Not the main production machine. So, use it as such.

Can you imagine submitting a business proposal to a client and the client showing you the same proposal from another company? Such a humiliation. That is why you need to train your AI and also personify the suggestions.

Humification: AI will be AI to some extent. Someone can argue that AI can write or perform a task just as humans. That could be true. But not entirely. To be able to make connections and sound as humans, make edits to what the tool serves you. Personalize them and make them yours.


There are several AIS that have come up since AI went viral. As of now, we have Artificial Intelligence that can help you do almost anything. I will list a few of these AIs that you can start using today and how they can be helpful to your business.

  1. ChatGPT: Am sure you were expecting this at number one. ChatGPT is more like the God of all AI. Not to say it is better or the best, but ChatGPT was more like an eye-opener to almost all AIs. (I stand to be corrected). I have spoken enough about this already. Access ChatGPT here.
  • Snapchat: Someone can say I am being biased for putting my favorite AIs on the 1st and 2nd list. But why not? Ha-ha

I personally love the Snapchat AI. It is more like a friend who knows everything and has answers to almost any query. The fun part is, because is it an AI on a social app, it relates in that regard. You can have a heart-to-heart conversation with this app. I have personally used this Snapchat AI to generate names for my client businesses, derive an excellent approach as to how to ask a client for payment and write captions for my social media pages and others.

I believe you have Snapchat, access, go to the messages and find My AI. Explore.

  • Grammarly: This is more of a text correction AI that helps you structure sentences. Now you can avoid grammatical errors. It will interest you to know that I used Grammarly to proofread this post.

Note this; do not accept all the corrections this AI will do. It will take the human feel off your writing. That is why you need to know that the AIs are supposed to be a support tool, not the actual producer.

  • Logo AI: This is a tool to help create a simple logo for your business. This AI asks for the name you want to use for the logo, your industry, and colors then uses this information to generate several options for you to choose from. That’s it. You have a logo now.

But note, that this can’t be the final logo. You will need to add a few changes and edit.

  • Photo lap: This Artificial Intelligence made it to the list because as I was editing this post, the Photo lap AI is trending very much in my country.

This is an Artificial Intelligence that enhances and beautifies your photos. It is more like making you see the richer version of yourself. probably most of you reading this have used this AI already. You can also try it. It’s a mobile App, download it here and try it.

There is so much Artificial Intelligence in the system which can help perform almost every task. Easy to find and easy to use. Go ahead and ask Google or even ask one of those AIs I mentioned above.

Don’t sleep on this, AI is a game changer for your business and the effect it can leave on your business cannot be measured.

Should you need assistance to implement AI in any aspect of your business or automate your business, get in touch. I will be more than happy to assist you. I am available here and also on all my social media pages. Get in touch with any questions.

What is your take on this post? Leave a comment below. Thanks for reading.

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